Is My Company Large Enough to Engage an M&A firm?

There are several options when making and evaluating a resource to sell your company. So, how do you know if you have not made a questionable decision? The type of advisor and expertise required depends on the size of your company. Each is uniquely qualified to serve clients based on size.

Advisors Title & Expertise
Investment Banker
$50m to $1B
M&A Firm THE MERGER EXPERT: (503) 516-2484
$3m to $40m
$1m to $3m
Business Broker
$50K to $1m
Craig’s List
$0 to $50K

Having 41,000+ hours of Sell-Side experience, THE MERGER EXPERT is the best choice to make
when selling your greatest asset, YOUR Company. DO NOT make the mistake of turning the sale of your
company over to someone who’s expertise and core function is NOT purely focused on M&A, as noted in
point number 4 below under: How Do I Choose the Best M&A Firm?

How Do I Choose the Best M&A Firm?

    • Call the industry trusted resource since 1983 at (503) 516-2484
    • Find us on the web at
    • Benefit from an M&A firm which represents sellers only
    • Talk with the professionals whose focus is $3-40 million in revenue
    • Compare the expert with 41,000 hours against all others
  2. RESEARCH-As in “Google it”
    • Go to, click on Advanced in the upper right corner of the screen next
      to People Search, under Keywords: enter “merger”, under Postal Code: enter “97201”,
      click on Search.
    • Attorney, CPA’s and Wealth Management
    • The right expertise based on the size of your company as noted, see question above
    • Have the buyer(s) fully answer your questions and address your issues
    • Consultants who profess to do M&A
    • Industry specific M&A firms
    • An M&A firm that also does buy side transactions
    • An M&A firm that also does consulting
    • One-man M&A firms
  6. EXPECT:
    • To pay a retainer
    • To sign an exclusive engagement agreement

You should know several factors are starting to point towards a more active capital raising and M&A
market in the coming two years that will send overall deal flow higher. Several trends that will impact the
market are:

  1. The first of the baby boomers are turning 65 this year
  2. 48% of sellers indicate retirement is the number one reason for selling their company
  3. Waiting for the golden era of 2005-2007 may never return. Current economic conditions are likely to be “good enough” to sell their company-Origination Insights-May 2011

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