The Real Difference

Here at THE MERGER EXPERT, we do things differently than our competitors.

Uniquely Qualified:

  • Expertise in sell-side representation
  • Defined, systematic process to ensure higher prices for you
  • Experienced Team of negotiating professionals on your side
  • Removes you from one-to-one negotiation with a single buyer
  • Brings you multiple, simultaneous buyers at the negotiating table
  • Accomplished mid-market deal makers on your team
  • Understand and appreciate the emotional issues you will have
  • Ability to have conversations with buyers who tell us things they will not tell directly to you, or report to you
  • Prepare you at each step for the sale by educating you on the process and steps
  • Prepare you for every meeting with buyers
  • Full support for you through all aspects of the sale
  • Provide proactive representation at all meetings and on-site visits
  • Work with your M&A Attorney on all documents, exhibits, schedules, etc.
  • Prepare and deliver all Due Diligence materials as requested by each buyer

We Have Experience

  • Over 35 years experience in mergers & acquisitions
  • Qualified valuation and industry analyst credentials
  • 12 years buy-side experience (lowering prices)
  • Over 23 years representing sellers – Achieving Higher Prices for Sellers
  • Professional experience in strategic planning
  • Accounting, strategic planning, and integration
  • 35+ years experience completing transactions

We Are Professionals

  • Proven marketing documents which drive higher purchase prices
  • Confidential marketing directly to CEOs and Presidents only
  • Skilled in recasting, and commonization accounting practices
  • Understanding of complex accounting issues which impact sales price
  • Proven value-added team approach (CPA, Attorneys, Trust Specialist, and Wealth Management)
  • Full understanding of various deal structures
  • Focused individualized marketing effort

What This Means for You

  • You are removed from one-to-one negotiation with a single buyer
  • Multiple buyers to assure you can obtain the best fit going forward for your company and employees
  • Eliminate time wasting activities for you in the preparing, marketing, due diligence, and transaction closure of your company
  • Maximize your productive time for growing and operating your business
  • The Highest possible price for your business

Why would you sell with anyone else?

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