Is My Company Large Enough to Engage an M&A firm?

There are several options when making and evaluating a resource to sell your company. So, how do you know if you have not made a questionable decision? The type of advisor and expertise required depends on the size of your company. Each is uniquely qualified to serve clients based on size.

Advisors Title & Expertise
Investment Banker
$50m to $1B
M&A Firm THE MERGER EXPERT: (503) 516-2484
$3m to $40m
$1m to $3m
Business Broker
$50K to $1m… Continue reading

How M&A Intermediaries Representing the Seller Affect the Buyer

M&A intermediaries typically have many years of experience in evaluating buyer intent. Thus, they are able to quickly ascertain whether business buyers are serious or not. In contrast, a seller who is not using a M&A intermediary, sometimes referred to as a broker by the layman, may invest considerable time in courting each buyer who turns out not to be serious or qualified.

Once potential buyers have been found, the M&A intermediary also have the ability to convert interest in… Continue reading

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